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At Sea - The Ancient Mariner

Atmospheric and salty strings, folk tinged with acoustic instruments

At Sea - The Lost Island

Dramatic, tense, dark, spectral, ominous. Real strings over orchestral palette


Underwater Drama

Terrifying encounters. Tension, horror. Hybrid orchestration, detailed sound design, sudden shocks

Dark & Sinister - Black Metal

An unpleasant discovery in the woods. Almost completely sound design - short wave radio, disembodied voices, distorted guitars. Disturbing

Dark & Sinister - Urban Vampire

A murder investigation with ritualistic undertones. Sound design, cello and piano. Dark, urgent, unsettling

Dark & Sinister - Cold War

Retro' 60s elements collide in frenetic spy caper. Percussion, double bass, leslie guitar. Shaken, not stirred

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