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Promotion January 2023


'The God of Small Things' - Identify the little boxes:

I'm offering the first person to correctly identify all the objects in the photo a couple of days remote mix time in the studio, Black Barn recording, Shropshire, England during January 2023.

This includes an online or phone chat to discuss the track or tracks you want mixing, identify reference, the nature of the project etc. Day 1 will consist of mixing one or two tracks, depending on complexity to approval stage. Day 2 will be final mixdown and delivery in any standard music format you choose and any special requirements like stems, instrumental and/or PA mixes of the track or tracks.

Since this is a remote offer, anyone in the world can enter. Judging and awarding the promotion will be at my sole discretion. Entries are via DM on the @blackbarnrecording Instagram page. Copyright will be retained soley by the artist / label / publisher but you agree to credit the mix appropriately in the event the track or tracks are commercially released or publicly shared, online or as a physical product.

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