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music library

music library

Welcome to the noh1 music library.

Tracks are sorted by style, subject, mood and instrumentation. Almost all have already had broadcast exposure (though not necessarily in the same mix or arrangement structure). Many of these tracks have alternative submix options and some with varying length idents. Main mixes and submixes can generally be intercut, except where a track is described as an 'alternative mix'.

Files are downloadable as full length mp3s to use for reference in projects.

Use CONTACT to discuss either licensed usage of library tracks or new commissions. T&Cs apply.

All tracks are published by Barking Green Music Ltd. Rates vary depending on the nature of the project, in line with similar sound library pricing structures.

We always aim to produce a competitive bundle price.

Files can be delivered in .wav or .aiff formats - 44.1 or 48 kHz - as per client specification. Public performance is prohibited without permission.


Hybrid Classical
Hybrid Electronic
Alien Worlds
Earth Sciences
Contemporary Classical
Global Locations
Human Stories
At Sea
Underwater Drama
Art Gallery
Dark and Sinister
Alt Rock
Electronic and Minimal
Alt-pop LP
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